Changhua County Huatan Township Wunsiang Elementary School

Wunsiang Elementary School was built in 1877 with the support from local scholars and volunteers. Our school is close to the center of Huatan Township. It is only 2 kilometers away to get to Huatan Train Station.

Wunsiang is a lovely elementary school in the countryside in Huatan. We are small but we are growing. There are 125 students in Wunsiang.

We are surrounded with fields. There are great countryside views nearby.

When you walk into Wunsiang, you will feel the nature around you. Our campus is like a tiny forest.

There are beautiful trees and wooden facilities and we even have bees and students’ gardens and a field where our indigenous students grow crops. Also we have various clubs that students can join after school. We have English club where we learn more about English and writing club where we learn how to write articles and croquet club where we learn how to play this interesting sport. We also have carpentry and baking club especially for 5th and 6th grades to prepare for their graduating trip fee and every student in Wunsiang can join clubs they like for free.

Wunsiang’s courses are releated to the love for environment around us and the curiousty for the knowledge around us. Students’ lives in Wunsiang are highly involved with sports, music, languge, dramas, technology and environmental culture. Every year we pay visit to the temples around us. We walk with friends, families, and our neighbors. We celebrate gratitudes and hospitalities for the place we share. Welcome to join us every year in December.

503 彰化縣花壇鄉劉厝村明雅街131 TEL: 04-7862255 FAX: 04-7873461

No. 131, Mingya St., Lioucuo Village Huatan Township, Changhua Country, Taiwan, R.O.C.